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What is Chinese Culture Center

‘iStudy Chinese Culture Center’ is a project established by iStudy Education Group with the support of Chinese government as well as Chinese universities and enterprise, it is launched as an organization in different countries with our international partners.

The center is aim to create a platform where our foreign friends can get the handy information related to Chinese culture,education as well as business in different industry. Center will also play an active role in supporting all kind of cooperation related to culture,education as well as business between local and China, as well as building the friendship between local and Chinese people.

  • We are home to 1,500 students and 100 experts.
  • Community representing over 40 of different nations.
  • We are proud of our international.
  • We are home to 1,500.
  • Community representing over 40 different nations.
universities resources

100+ cooperative high schools and universities from China, other Asian countries, Africa and Latin American

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key partners

40+ international schools from 16+ European and American countries

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Chinese enterprises

100+ Chinese companies

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scholarship platform

20000+scholarships per year

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global events

30+ global events every year

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various activities

30+ global culture activities per year

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There are 8 most popular fields major for your students to choose,
which listed some hot majors and cities in China now.



iStudy Chinese Culture Center will establish in 30 countries in 5 years.
What the next station? You make the decision !