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There are 8 most popular fields major for your students to choose,
which listed some hot majors and cities in China now.


3 easy steps help your students application process be more effective in your business life.

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Find “Log in”(in home page) or “Join us ” button in our website and register as EduPRChina agents



Submit on-line application for your student and check application process in “My Enrollment”



Check your commission in “My Commission”page. You will get your commission


You May Want to Know about Chinese Scholarships

ISSP Scholarship

In recent years, in oder to optimize the students quality in campus and have deeper cooperation with EduPRChina, more than 20 Chinese universties individually choose to sign contract with us and give special scholarships to all applicants which come from EduPRChina platforms. The scholarship policy will be even better than university scholarships.

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Chinese Government Scholarship

In order to promote mutual understanding, cooperation and exchanges in politics, economy, culture, education, and trade between China and other countries, the Chinese government has set up a series of scholarship programs to sponsor international students, to study and do researches in Chinese universities.

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University Scholarship

In order to promote the internationalization of Chinese education and attract more international students to study in China, many Chinese universities provide them with over 400 scholarships to the educational quality of international students.

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Local Government Scholarship

Local Government Scholarship is set up by different local government with the goal of attracting more international students to study in China. Local government will offer international students scholarships to make their life and study more convenient.

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Confucius Institute Scholarship

Confucius Institute Scholarship is established by Confucius Institute Headquarters with the goal of encouraging students and teachers worldwide who study or teach Chinese as a second language to study Chinese language and culture in China.

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Enterprise Scholarship

To encourage and motivate international students to come to China, some companies will provide chances for those who have excellent performances to study in China with a full scholarship.

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How to apply for your student?

A.Register one new account and Apply through Add New Student Page after Log in
B.Log in your account and go to University Center and find the School Column.You can apply course directly there for self-financed courses or apply from the front-stage of website in the column "Course".
C. If you don't know what major your student want to take, you can download common application form at home page of back-stage of our website

How long does it take to get offer and JW202?

Usually it takes 2 to 3 weeks to get admission notice, and at least 20 working days to get JW202. JW202 and offer will be sent to you in 1 to 2 months after the university application deadline.(Except there are some special issues happened, then school may delay some days,it’s also considerable.)

What time is proper to apply for your student?

There are two intake in China: Spring intake and Autumn intake. So agent would better to apply for your student 3 months or more before the intake. More earlier you apply, more chance you will get. JW202 and offer will be sent to you in 1 to 2 months after the university application deadline.
· March intake - application intake starts midNovember & the deadline is in December yearly (the March 2016 intake is currently not available, so we'll be applying for the Sept./Oct 2016 intake instead).
· September/October intake - generally, we will take students for the September intake (as long as the March intake is not available that year). In 2016, we will be taking students for the October intake because the March 2016 intake is not available.
Dates may change & this is an approximate guide subject to university discretion (no late applications are considered).

How to get your commission?

According to different cases of different universities, we will give your commission within one week after universities account all the commission. You can find the amount and state of your commission in the column “My Commission”.
1. For self financed students, we will refund university commission (according to university policy) to you 2 to 3 months after students registered successfully in school.
2. For scholarship students, we will refund 10%(it will be more with that you get high level at EduPRChina agent network) of service fee to you within 1 month after students registered successfully in school.

What about service fee?

There is one thing you need to know. As for agent payment, we have two different payments, first one is self-financed course,second one is scholarship course.
A.For self-finance course, agents will get 10% of tuition fee as commission if send us more than 2 students successfully. And we will charge registration fee 50$(non refundable) for every student before you apply as guarantee and we don’t refund this fee. (More detail about agent level can be seen from our back-stage of agent website "My Commission--Agent Reward Guide" )
B. For scholarship course,we will charge service fee 200USD to 1500USD from students according to specified situation of every scholarship, before this, they need to pay registration fee 50$(non refundable) first to start their application. Later after you upload students’ documents, we will send you the details about service fee. After success, we will share 10% of service fee with our agent.

What kind of materials do you need to collect?

Normally we need following materials:
1. Application form(Ask me to send you)
2. One copy of passport (the photo page)(must)
3. One copy of your final degree certificate (must)
4. One copy of your final transcripts(must)
5. One copy of General Health Examination Record(must)
6. Two recommendation letters (master and doctoral only )(must)
7. Study plan(master and doctoral only )(must)

EDUPRChina Scholarship

EDUPRChina together with more than 300 universities is offering 30000 scholarships to students who would like to study either degree or non-degree courses in China. Students can apply for a variety of different scholarship schemes supported by governments or universities.