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Facilities on Campus

Integrated by three campuses, namely, Hexi campus, TEDA campus and Tanggu campus, TUST covers an area of over 1.53 million square meters with a total construction area of 745,900 square meters. Its library houses nearly 2.5 million books and the equipment for teaching and research is worth 430 million yuan in total value. Besides, the campus is equipped with accessible stadiums designed for special training, advanced networks and facilities needed to live an easily convenient life. And the Foreign Students’ Apartment is well-equipped and well-furnished.

Disciplines and Specialties

TUST boasts of 1 key discipline named “Fermentation” and 4 majors of special feature at the state level, 7 key disciplines at the provincial level and 4 key disciplines supported by Tianjin Municipal Government. Drawing upon these key disciplines, TUST has developed many a leading specialties of special feature nationwide, such as Biology Fermentation, Food Science and Engineering, Engineering of Pulp and Paper Making, Marine Science, Chemical Engineering, Packaging Engineering, and Polymer Material Engineering, etc.

So far, TUST has built up the following important research centers and labs: 1 National Engineering Laboratory (the united engineering laboratory of Metabolic Control Fermentation Technology supported both locally and nationally), the only national Institute of New Countryside Development in Tianjin, 2 Key Labs of MOE (one of Food Nutrition and Safety, and the other of Industry Fermentation Micro-biology), 1 Research Center of MOE (Food Biology Technology Engineering), 2 co-operative National Engineering Labs with Chinese Academy of Sciences (one of Industrial Enzymes, and the other of Pulp and Paper Making), 5 Key Labs of Tianjin, 1 Engineering Laboratory of Tianjin, 4 Engineering Centers of Tianjin, 1 Cooperative and Innovative Center of Tianjin (Food Safety Low Carbon Manufacturing), and 1 Key Research Center of Humanities and Social Sciences of Tianjin Institutions of Higher Education (Food Safety Management and Strategy).

Faculty and Education  

A team of 2,216 working staff constitute the whole faculty, among which 473 serve as supervisors of master and doctoral candidates and 769 hold such senior professional titles as full professors and associate professors. This well-organized team is endowed with academic competence and innovative willingness to support the further development of TUST. Adhering to the motto of “For Virtue, Knowledge and Practice We Feel Deep Reverence; To Our Nation, Campus and Fellowman We Find Easy Attachment”, TUST takes the quality of education as its very lifeline by stressing personality and morality other than knowledge.

Researches and Accomplishments

TUST pays high attention to scientific researches, so it has consecutively won 7 national and 35 provincial awards. More and more research projects are constantly granted to TUST, some of which have marked very important breakthroughs, such as the Preeminent Youth Fund Projects of the Natural Sciences Foundation, the Key Projects of the Natural Sciences Foundation, the Projects of National Social Sciences Foundation, the International (Regional) Projects of the Natural Sciences Foundation, the National Science and Technology Planning Projects Led by Chief Scientists. Since the technological platforms continue to make a splash, the scientific research platforms above the provincial level have amounted up to 21.

With the development of the international cooperation, TUST has hosted over 30 academic meetings for international exchanges and foreign experts have been invited to give more than 200 lectures. Noticeably, in 2014 it has hosted the Young Scientists Forum of Summer Davos in Tianjin with great success. In addition, the “Sino-French Joint Laboratory of Nutritional Safety of Food and Pharmaceutical Chemistry” was co-established by TUST, French National Institute of Medicine and Pierre & Marie Curie University.

What’s more, TUST has also signed with 6 districts and 1 county of Tianjin a strategic agreement of comprehensive technological cooperation, and has forged with 280 companies a technological link. Besides, TUST has maintained a close technological cooperation with 15 provinces and autonomous regions, such as Hebei, Qinghai, Jiangxi, Hainan, Yunnan, Inner Mongolia, Fujian and Shanxi, and in 2014 has been among the first members of “Industry-University-Research Alliance of Shijiazhuang with Beijing, Tianjin and Hebei Province Together”.

International Cooperation and Exchanges

TUST cherishes the idea of being an open educational institution with global reach. So, cooperative ties for international exchanges have been strengthened to more than 80 universities and research institutes in more than 30 countries, such as USA, Japan, Australia, Canada, Germany, Sweden and Finland largely in the form of regular scientific research cooperation and students exchange programs.

And great importance is attached by TUST to international cooperation in running school programs. On the one hand, based on the Sino-American project, cooperative projects cosponsored by TUST and Australia, Japan and the UK follows in accordance with agreements signed to co-produce talents with California University and University of Georgia in USA, Ottawa University in Canada, Nagasaki University in Japan and University of Lodz in Poland, etc. mainly in the format of “one plus two plus one”, “two plus two” and “three plus two”; on the other hand, substantial exchanges in scientific research and students have been achieved with such foreign universities as University of New Brunswick in Canada, University of Sydney in Australia and Lappeenranta University of Technology in Finland, etc.

Following the inevitable tendency to go international, undergraduates and postgraduates with a nice academic record at TUST are sorted out and sent to these universities on a yearly basis for a learning visit, and the number of students who have participated in these programs until now has almost amounted to a thousand. This experience has broadened their horizons to a great extent. Meanwhile, TUST welcomed over 600 foreign experts and scholars to give lectures on our campus. In 2009, TUST found itself among the educational institutions to receive foreign students financed by the Government Scholarship of China , and since has offered a complete program of foreign students education ranging from language teaching to diploma education encompassing the three levels of bachelor’s degree, master’s degree and the doctoral degree. Supported by the courses lectured in English in the School of Economics and Management, the MBA program and courses regarding economics and management for international exchanges students is offered. And annually regular exchanges and learning projects with Monterey Industrial University in Mexico, Ngee Ann Polytechnic in Singapore, Yierkuzike National Traffic University in Russia, University of Georgia in USA, Duchess Community College in USA have since 2001 brought TUST over 3,000 foreign students from more than 80 countries for long or short international exchanges.

Approved in 2014 by Hanban (Office of Chinese Language Council International), a Confucius Institute co-built by TUST and Assumption University of Thailand started to help Chinese language go international.