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The International Art Exchange Center (IAEC) of YAU is responsible for the international cooperation and exchange; recruiting, teaching, and administrating international students; as well as management of foreign experts. Since 1996 when YAU was authorized to enroll international students, more than 1000 students have studied the Chinese language, cultural courses or arts here.

We provide both long-term and short-term Chinese and Art Training Program for non-degree study, as well as B.A. and M.A. Program for degree study. Students can also come with exchange programs or other academic activities.

With its richness and diversity of the ethnic cultures and arts in Yunnan Province, YAU provides its students with unique art programs. Traditional Chinese Painting, Calligraphy, Chinese Traditional and Ethnic Musical Instruments, Vocal Music, Chinese Traditional and Ethnic Dance, Art Design (including environment design, interior design, packaging design, animation, fresco, commercial design etc.) is among the most chosen courses by the international students. Besides, Chinese History and Culture, Martial Arts, Photography, Chinese Music History, Drama Acting, Chinese Film Appreciation, Model Training, Choreography and Film Editing, just to name a few, are also open to your choice.

As to the Chinese language courses, experienced teachers can offer individualized teaching according to each student’s requirements. Lessons are given in small class of no more than 10 students. If you want, a one-on-one program is always available for both the language and art courses.

Application Process
1.Applicants shall apply to the IAEC three months in advance to ask for the Application Form, and send it back via E-mail after filling it up. Applicants have to remit 300RMB registration fee to the university’s bank account (please contact us for more information). After we get all the required materials and fees, we will immediately cope with the study application. Applicants are fully responsible for the authenticity and accuracy of all the information provided in the documents they send.
2.Once the applicants meet the requirements of the university, the IAEC will send a Visa Application for Study in China (JW202) form and an Admission Notice.
3.Applicants need the aforementioned form and notice to apply for X Visa at the Embassy or Consulate of China in your countries. L Visa of at least 15 days before its expiration is also accepted. However, those who get L Visa have to apply for a Student Resident Permit that allows multiple entries off and into China after they come to the university.
To transit an L Visa to a Student Resident Permit, the following documents are required:
a.Valid passport and an L Visa;
b.4 visa photos;
c.A physical exam report (for more than half-year application only);
d.Residence Registration Certificate (issued by the local security bureau).
Notes: The procedure fees for Student Resident Permit are charged by Kunming Municipal Police Station.

Contact Information
Contact: Sarah Yang, Roxanne Tseng
Tel: 86-871-65937345
Fax: 86-871-65937345
Add: International Art Exchange Centre, Yunnan Arts University, No.1577 Yuhua Road, Chenggong District, Kunming, Yunnan 650500, P.R.China