Coupon Activity Policy

  • Buy coupons in your EDUPRCHINA account to join this activity and coupons can be used as students’ application fee only.
  • The application fee for all programs (self-financed or scholarship programs) is 500 RMB / 1 person / 1 school. Each application order could only use one coupon.
  • No matter how many schools applicants applied at the same time, there is no extra chance application provided when the first failure of application out. Applicants could create another new order to apply other programs by paying 500RMB.
  • The validity duration of coupons is 1 year (calculated from the day of EDUPRCHINA received the money).

1. Register / Login

Register/Log in to the website, then go to the User Center.

2. Buy Coupons

In My Wallet page, click BUY COUPON, choose payment method & complete payment.

3. Contact Consultant

Contact your consultant to check the payment order.

4. Use Coupons

Submit application order, choose Coupon as payment method when paying application fee.

Activity Time: October 25th 00:00 to November 5th 23:59, 2021 (Beijing time)

Activity 1: Pay 1,000RMB to Get Extra 1,000RMB Coupon (min. 3,000RMB and max. 30,000RMB)

e.g. Pay 3,000RMB = Get 6,000RMB

Pay 4,000RMB = Get 8,000RMB

Pay 5,000RMB = Get 10,000RMB


Pay 30,000RMB = Get 60,000RMB


Activity 2: Pay 1,000RMB to Get Extra 500RMB Coupon (less than 3,000RMB and min. 1,000RMB)

e.g. Pay 1,000RMB = Get 1,500RMB

Pay 2,000RMB = Get 3,000RMB


Buy coupons in the activity period on EDUPRCHINA website, then you can join this activity and enjoy the benefits. If you are not clear about how to do it, please contact your consultant or send email to for more information.

If you are not an EDUPRCHINA agent yet, please register on and apply for becoming our agent first. If any problem on registration, please contact our staff by email or WeChat eduprchina02.

If you are an EDUPRCHINA agent already, please follow the steps below to buy coupons.

Step 1: Log in to EDUPRCHINA website (, and go to the User Center.

Step 2: Click the menu My Wallet, then click BUY COUPON as shown in the pic.

Step 3: Choose payment method, and enter a multiple of 1000, then click Confirm to complete your payment. Please note that if you pay by PayPal or Bank Transfer, you need to consider the handling fee and upload the receipt after payment.

Step 4: Contact your consultant to check it, and the amount & coupons will change automatically after our accountant confirms the money received.


  • In the Amount(RMB) field, you only can enter a multiple of 1000, e.g. 1000, 2000,3000, 4000, etc.
  • Coupons can only be used as students' application fee, and the money used for buying coupons is not refundable.
  • Coupons are valid for one year (since the day EDUPRCHINA receive the money for buying coupons).
  • The student application order with application fee paid via Coupon only has one chance for application, and can’t change student.

After you submit a student application order, you need pay the application fee. You can select Coupon as the payment method as shown in the pic below, then click Confirm

And confirm your coupons and remaining coupons in the pop-up dialog box, then click Confirm to complete payment.

Service fee of all programs is written on the EDUPRCHINA website, and is based on programs and agent level. We divide agents into eight levels, from level 0 to level 7. The discount of service fee is related to the star level of agent. The higher the level you are in, the higher discount and the more preferential policies you will enjoy.

  • For 1 star level agent, service fee is 20% off discount.
  • For 2 star level agent, service fee is 25% off discount.
  • For 3 star level agent, service fee is 30% off discount.
  • For 4 star level agent, service fee is 35% off discount.
  • For 5 star level agent, service fee is 40% off discount.
  • For 6 star level agent, service fee is 45% off discount.
  • For 7 star level agent, service fee is 50% off discount.

Step 1: Click the program name in the Scholarships page which one you want to apply.

Step 2: Click FEE STRUCTURE tab on the scholarship details page.

Then you can find agent fee below the university fee. Application fee is 500RMB (Unrefundable). Service fee is different according to different types of scholarship and star level of agent.

Based on the agent fee that you see on this page, you may ask how to upgrade your star level and get service fee discount, then continue the next question and answer.

Application fee is 500RMB (same to all agents). Application fee will not be refunded after payment. Applicants who have paid the application fee will have only another chance to apply programs if the first application failed. If your students want to apply two schools at the same time from the beginning, you need pay the total 800RMB application fee, i.e. you can get 200RMB discount.

You need top up application fee first. For example, you want to become 1 star agent, you need top up 3000RMB in the APPLICATION FEE WALLET on EDUPRCHINA website. This money can only be used as application fee (cannot be used as service fee). And you will have 20% service fee discount and free delivery fee. The higher level you are in, the more and better service you can have. Please click here for details about the top-up amount to become a higher level star agent.