University of Debrecen

Top 3 University in Hungary

8 Bachelor Majors with Scholarship
$500 Application Fee

Scholarship Details

  • Medium: English
  • Degree: Bachelor
  • Duration: 3-3.5 Years
  • Age: 18-40
  • City: Debrecen
  • Nationality: No restriction
  • Dorm: Dormitory seats full, students need to live outside and rent apartment themselves
  • Application form
  • Original & English Version high school diploma
  • Original & English Version Transcripts
  • Medical examination report
  • CV
  • Passport

500USD Application Fee to School Account (Pay for it before application)
1000USD Program Fee to HRC Account (Pay it after digital admission)

Note: Examination is required to test your English and your major-related subjects

Comission: You will get 500USD commission/student if your students were successfully registered on school

  • 1. Choose major and prepare docs
  • 2. Pay 500USD application fee to school account
  • 3. School interview and get digital admission
  • 4. Pay 1000USD program fee to HRC account
  • 5. Pay one year tuition fee on admission to school account
  • 6. Get original admission, insurance support letter
  • 7. Apply visa and study in Hungary

1. There is no JW202
2. Students need to pay for one year tuition fee on admission in advance to get the original admission
3. If your visa failed, your tuition fee and 1000USD program fee are refunded with your visa refused letter, other fees are not refundable

Admission Sample

University of Debrecen

  • Founded 1538
  • QS World Ranking 520
  • Students No. 30000+
  • International Students No. 5000+
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