Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

Beijing Institute Of Fashion Technology

Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology (BIFT), founded in 1959, is China’s premiere educational facility associated with fashion, mainly specializing in art and technology. With defining characteristics, BIFT is a full-time higher education institution where art, technology, economics, management and other convergent disciplines can successfully interact. Now it is composed of School of Fashion and Engineering, School of Fashion Accessory and Engineering, School of Materials Science and Engineering, School of Art and Design, School of Fashion Communication, School of Business, School of Information Engineering, School of Language and Culture, Academy of Fine Arts, Basic Education Department, Ideological and Political Theory Teaching Department, Graduate School, School of International Education and School of Continuing Education. There are 29 basic undergraduate specializations, 4 double-major specializations, 8 first-grade master disciplines and 2 master degree specialization and 1 special PhD Research Program on “Rescue, Heritage and Innovation of Chinese Traditional Costume Culture” in BIFT. The institute has 1 Beijing Key Construction First-grade Discipline, 3 Beijing Key Construction Second-grade disciplines and an Ethnic Costume Museum which is one of the top ten specialized museums in China.

Following the visionary administrative philosophy of “Seeking Truth and Innovation, Applying Theory to Practice”, BIFT forms the characteristics of specializing in fashion and integrating art with technology. BIFT sets up 8 academic institutions and municipal-...

Beijing Garment College, founded in 1959, is the only public full-time college with distinctive characteristics in running a school in China, which is named after clothing and mainly focuses on craftsmanship, and coordinated development of arts, industry, economics, management and other disciplines. 

  • Teaching Building
  • Palais Omnisports
  • Basketball Court
  • Football Court
  • Supermarket
    • Laundry
    • Bank
    • Library

    • School Bus
    • Bicycle Sharing System

    University dorm

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